Mountain Lakes District

A Four Season Recreational Community

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The Community of Mountain Lakes is an independent district within the Town of Haverhill, with several homes in the Town of Bath, therefore allowing the community to have its own Board of Commissioners and Planning Board.  We have authority to enforce our Zoning Ordinances in the Haverhill sections only,

The District is comprised of about 1550 acres, which was subdivided into approximately 1260 lots with 1235 in Haverhill and the remaining 25 in Bath.  There are approximately 17 miles of roads, 2 lakes with 75 acres of open water and several variety of fish, with an additional 25 acres of wetlands.  There is 570 acres of common "green belt" areas with numerous nature trails and habitat breeding areas  which abound with wild like, birds and plants.

There is a Lodge that is available to be rented by property owners and their renters.  We also have tennis courts, a swimming pool, 4 community beaches, and 2 rafts.  We have lifeguards that staff one of the beaches during our summer program from June 20, 2009  through Labor Day.  Our snack bar  has the best root bear floats ever.  W also have horseshoe pits, a softball field, a children's play ground, picnic tables, barbeque grills, and a volleyball court.

Available to rent are canoes, kayaks, and row boats.  Any type of motorized boats or other craft are expressly forbidden from the lakes and beaches.

There are 318 completed homes with additional homes being built this spring.  The percentage of full time residents is approximately 36% with 64% second homes.  The advantage of the Community of Mountain Lakes is its location, within 20 minutes of top notch ski areas, Cannon Mountain and Loon Mountain and within an hours drive of almost every resort area in New Hampshire without the high property cost and taxes of the resort areas.